founder & Director

Andrew Watt is deeply experienced in all aspects of the music business. As a lawyer he has negotiated numerous contracts across the gamut of music law for a client list that includes many internationally respected artists, labels, producers and service businesses. As an artist manager he has guided the careers of artists releasing music through  international major labels, highly respected independent labels around the world and, in recent years, completely independent artists releasing music globally. Artists under the Ravens Nest banner have toured in many territories including Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Europe and parts of Asia.

Andrew has also worked successfully as a music journalist, a music publisher, a television producer, a venue operator and a lecturer in music business subjects at many universities. He is the creator of  Music Business Education, an online course designed to provide no-nonsense, no-hype, accurate and current knowledge of the realities and operations of the industry, and the author of  Welcome To The Jungle – Navigating the Music Business In Australia, an anecdotal textbook.